Frequently Asked Questions

SportsHelpers is an online volunteer management platform specifically developed for youth sports leagues and associations to automate their Parent participation and volunteer programs. The SportsHelpers system is uniquely designed to streamline the entire volunteer process and management in youth sports leagues, saving administration teams hundreds of hours of manual work every year.

Online signup forms help with signups and simple hours tracking, and that’s all. General volunteer management software vendors – ones serving organizations such as schools, hospitals, social services, environmental, religious and many other types of nonprofits – only have features that are common to all of these organizations. However, they do not serve any specific segment particularly well, primarily because their features are very broad to serve so many different types of organizations.

SportsHelpers is the only volunteer management system designed specifically for youth sports leagues and associations, our comprehensive feature sets are highly specialized for youth leagues and associations. For example, leagues and associations typically associate $ values to volunteer service hours, SportsHelpers is the only system available that tracks not only volunteer hours but also the $ values of those hours. SportsHelpers offers volunteer management features designed to serve the many unique needs of youth sports leagues and associations. SportsHelpers is unrivaled in terms of helping these organizations.

None at all. Any person who knows how to use the Internet can use the SportsHelpers system to fully manage their league’s volunteer program. For parents, it couldn’t be any easier. Each family has their own password-protected website to manage their volunteering, they have access to all available volunteer jobs and their up-to-date volunteer hours. The best way to describe the SporsHelpers system is “point and click”.

Absolutely. The SportsHelpers system is built with technology known as Responsive Design; depending on the type of device you are using, whether smartphone, tablet or desktop, the SportsHelpers interface automatically resizes itself for a beautifully simple experience. There’s no need to download or maintain a mobile app.

Yes of course! With your SportsHelpers subscription, you receive unlimited web conference and email support, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. On the very rare occasions it is needed, we provide critical support to make sure you’ll have access to your volunteer program.

Our pricing is based on the number of user accounts an organization needs. Our pricing is also on a sliding scale, larger organizations. For example, organizations with 600+ families have a lower per family cost. Use the form below to contact us to get a price quote for your organization.

 We have two types of subscriptions, monthly and annually, to choose from. If for whatever reason you decide SportsHelpers isn’t for you, you can cancel a Monthly subscription in the month you’re in. You can also cancel an annual subscription any time, we will reimburse your subscription on a prorated basis. No questions asked in all cases.

No. If you start on the Monthly plan and decide it’s not for you, you can stop in the same month. But we’re absolutely confident that you’ll be totally happy with what SportsHelpers provides your league and that you’ll continue using our system.

We make it super easy for you to get started. We have a Getting Started service that takes care of all the work; we’ll upload your families and players list and your entire year’s worth of volunteer events, categories and volunteer jobs and schedules into your volunteer portal. After, we’ll train your league staff, program leaders and/or coordinators. We even provide you with sample information to use when you launch with your families.

Your volunteer “portal” – which is your organization’s administration website – can be up and running in 1 day. League administrators usually want to have all the events and volunteer jobs uploaded in the beginning (which we do for you as part of the Getting Started service), in this case it takes about a week for all your information to be uploaded.

We need 2 things: one is your family and player list and the other is your list of volunteer activities and volunteer positions. With the families/players list, we’ll import this into your volunteer portal and our system will generate a unique account for each family. With your volunteer activities and volunteer positions, we just need this information in a Word or Excel doc. We even have a template for you to use when you’re ready to inform your families of your new online volunteer platform. We do all the work so you can launch with your families with ease.

With the SportsHelpers system, the Getting Started service includes 3 hours of training (2 of which is for your volunteer administrators and 1 hour is for coordinators). The Getting Started service has a one-time of $299 for leagues and associations with less than 500 family/user accounts, and $399 for larger organizations.

You can pay for the Monthly plan using your credit card, every month your credit card is charged for the monthly fee. If you choose the Annual plan, which is lower in cost over a year, you have the choice to pay either for the annual amount using a credit card or by check after we send you an invoice.

Yes, we absolutely want you to have a trial! We want you to see for yourself how super simple it is to fully automate your league volunteer program. Just fill in the form below to let us know you want a trial and we will have a volunteer account ready within a day.

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