Core Features

Have essential features that provide the foundation for a fully automated, end-to-end volunteer management system.

Self-sign up or Assign Volunteers

You’ll have flexibility to choose between allowing parents to self-sign up for preferred volunteer positions or easily assigning parents to volunteer positions. Parents can view all volunteer jobs and can sign up without contacting your or coordinators. Or you can search for parents with appropriate skills, preferences and schedules and assign them to specific volunteer roles.

Stress-free Organization

All volunteer positions are categorized under respective events and activities, and everything is tracked automatically. With a full 360° view of your volunteer program, you instantly see the status of volunteer positions, allowing you to take any needed action well in advance. The result is activities and events have their needed volunteers and everything runs smoothly.

Communication in One Place

Bring all your volunteer-related communications between your event leaders and parents into one central messaging system. Get rid of silo-ed email strings that unnecessarily take up much of your time, SportsHelpers’ centralized messaging system leads to effective communication and helps to eliminate confusion.

Parent Hours Aggregated Automatically, Built-in and Custom Reporting

Parents neither have to manually track nor submit their volunteer hours, it’s all tracked and aggregated automatically. SportsHelpers also provides a full array of built-in reports as well as custom reporting, you’ll be able to run data on just about everything on your volunteer program and share with your league’s senior leaders.

Features Uniquely for Youth Sports Organizations

Unique features specifically developed for youth sports organizations, designed to save time and to make the volunteer program efficient and easier to run – available only in SportsHelpers.

Unique Annual Family Volunteer Hour Targets and Tracking

Nearly all youth sports associations have different volunteer hour requirements - based on player division, age, # of players from the same family and even different requirements based on events and activities. SportsHelpers allows you to fully track all of these with each family. No other volunteer system provides such comprehensive tracking of your league’s different service hour requirements.

Automated Hours Verification with Digital Check In/Check Out

For any off-site events such as on-the-road swim meet competitions or playing fields, you can use the digital ‘Check In/Check Out’ interface. Your coordinators can check parents in and out using a web-enabled smartphone. Parent volunteer jobs are “time stamped”, providing you automatic verification of the parent’s volunteering work. You’ll have complete confidence knowing whether parents completed their volunteer tasks.

Low or Incomplete Service Hours Monitoring and Notification - Automated!

Eliminate the dozens and dozens of hours spent on figuring out which families are low on hours and then needing to notify parents either by snail mail or email. SportsHelpers completely automates this process! With predefined settings, the SportsHelpers system automatically monitors parent hours and notifies them of the status of their volunteer hours, saving you days of work! The SportsHelpers system is the only volunteer system that provides this time-saving capability.

Verification by Administrators or Activity Coordinators

For volunteer jobs held at your usual facility, such as a hockey arena or gymnasium, SportsHelpers’ “Task Verification” process; administrators or coordinators can quickly approve the actual hours completed by parents. With verified parent hours, your senior association leaders can analyze actual hours completed against association activity needs to see if more volunteers are needed in the future.

Flexible Customizable System

Youth sports organization have varying volunteer program needs, SportsHelpers gives you the tools to have a volunteer process, your way.

Unique Scheduling and Signup Attributes and Schedules

Different volunteer positions often have different requirements, so volunteer positions and/or shifts have to be able to meet these requirements. For example, you want to give “bonus hours” as an incentive for parents who sign up for hard-to-get-volunteer positions. Or you want to limit the number of volunteer shifts any one parent can take, this is often a point of contention for “popular” volunteer positions. Or how about restricting visibility of some volunteer positions to parents who have met specific requirements? Do all of these and more with SportsHelpers.

Volunteer positions for specific Player Divisions, Custom Groups

With easy point-and-click settings, event and activity administrators and coordinators can show specific volunteer positions only to parents with kids in specific player divisions or groups. You’ll also be able to set specific position requirements, and only parents who meet such requirements are able to view those positions. You’ll be able target the right parents for the right positions, helping to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Un-scheduled, un-listed Volunteer Positions and Hours Easily Handled

There are often times when there is a sudden, unexpected need for volunteers, usually coming up the same day. Since these positions are not listed in the volunteer signup, the hours for these are very difficult to account for. SportsHelpers provides Ad hoc tracking features which allow you to easily track and account for these un-scheduled volunteer positions and hours. With every volunteer hour being accounted for, you have a comprehensive view of your volunteer program.

Digitally Capture Parent Preferences

Have parents submit their event and schedule preferences digitally, thereby eliminating the need for paper forms. Your administrators and coordinators can quickly view which parents are interested in which volunteer roles and when parents are available. This makes scheduling fast and easy. Save yourself dozens of hours going through paper forms containing parent availability and preferences, not to mention those annoying paper cuts to fingers!

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